The Recruitment Community Found Its Voice.

What is Hiring Stories Podcast ?

Hiring Stories, above all else, is the idea of giving a voice to our community: the people of recruitment. This community consists of candidates, recruiters, companies and business partners. Before being candidates and recruiters, we are individuals with stories to tell, varied experiences to exchange, and complex emotions to reveal.

What are we going to talk about ?

It was important to us to initiate this project within Montreal to give a voice to our own community and to showcase it across Quebec, Canada and even internationally.

We are convinced that there are interesting stories to hear that are outside of our business units, yet that gravitate around us. We want to hear a Vice-President speak about their first interview experiences as a candidate compared to what they are doing currently, a receptionist who has welcomed at their desk over 10 years worth of candidates and who has been the first face of the company, and we want to hear from a woman in Technology who has faced feelings of solitude when she began her career and who now organizes workshops that unite other women in Tech.