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On-demand Recruitment

Boost your recruitment operations

On-Demand recruitment matches one (or more) of our recruiters with your internal teams, without impacting your payroll.
Simply use banks of hours or a monthly subscription.

32 team members, ready to help you from intake session to final offer.

Sorting incoming resumes, searching your ATS, sourcing, recruiting, pipelining, interviews, tools and process management: choose your activities and set your deadlines. Pick and choose, we take care of the rest!

“We’ve built our business model to reflect our vision: A great hire stems from all that’s planned and performed, prior to filling that chair. Successful recruitment projects are built on shared accountability between clients and recruiters who engage in smart activities that lead to outstanding talent.”

Hugo Pradère, VP Operations.

Bank of hours / monthly subscriptions

Plug And Play

All inclusive – no hidden fees.

All industries, all job types.

High volume and talent shortage

White label or under our brand

Complete database provided

Our Manifesto


We charge per use, not by client or candidate head.

No commissions, and above all no percentages.
“Headhunting” is banished from our vocabulary.


We favour clever flexibility over stringent, over-structured processing.

Truth is, your reality is ever-changing. Whether it’s iterations, retrospectives, benchmarks, KPis, Scrum and Kanban tables,  we manage recruitment projects with the agility and flexibility required to do a great job.


We never overlook data.

A complete database with clear performance indicators is provided at the end of each project. This allows for proper control and tracking of what we’ve done on your behalf.


We’re never afraid to go off the beaten track.

We may be nonconformist by nature, but every one of our candidate experiences is irreproachable. New ideas, distinctive strategies, processes to be fine-tuned: we’ll be there offering perspective and advice, with the straight-talk it takes to move forward.

Let's have coffee and talk about recruitment.
20 minutes - Your topic. Our insights.

This virtual cup of Joe isn’t a sales call in disguise.

And no, we won’t attempt to offer you training.
Rest assured, you’ll be sipping your beverage with anything but a salesperson.  We promise.

It’ll be time well spent with Humanify founders Charlène and/or Patrick.

Charlène, co-founder

Patrick, Founder and CEO